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275068 Bluffton Orchid
Aegean Copper 700
Aegean Silver Rose Copper 711
Air Force
Alberta Rose 515
Alex 820059
All Wood Construction 411
All Wood Construction 417
Allen 236756
Allen Blue 235759PC
Allen Blue 238100
Allen Bronze 235786
Allen Coppertone 235628PC
Allen Dark Bronze 235828PC
Allen Silver 235630PC
Allen Silver 235636
American Cherry 0041
American Honor Vinyl Wrapped
Andover Maple MP104F
Angel 2' 6"
Angel 3' 6"
Angel 4' 6"
Angel Corner 506
Aria Ceremonial Rental
Atlantic Blue 349
Atlantic Carnation 314
Atlantic Dark Bronze 368
Atlantic Mandarin 313
Atlantic Silver 312
Barnwood Single Vinyl Wrapped
Belmont Stainless 5001
Black Pearl Adult Single
Blue Mist Stainless 501
Blue Opal 274071
Bluffton 273767B
Bluffton Decals
Bluffton Father 273767F
Bluffton Mother 275068M
Bradford 0004
Bridgewater 420517
Burlwood Vinyl Wrapped
Calvary Oak 0022
Cameo Rose
Cameo Rose 1002
Carved Top Mahogany 8000
Casket Art 1
Casket Art 2
Casket Art 3
Casket Art 4
Catholic Bronze Cross & Corpus
Catholic Copper Cross & Corpus
Catholic Economy Bronze
Catholic Economy Copper
Catholic Economy Silver
Catholic Gold Cross & Corpus
Catholic Large 16" Brass
Catholic Large 16" Copper
Catholic Large 16" Silver
Catholic Silver Cross & Corpus
Centura Stainless 5002
Century II 241164
Century II Blue 243792
Century II Coppertone 242621
Century II Silver 243565
Cherub Blue Infant Urn
Cherub Rose Infant Urn
Christian 1065
Classic 1061
Colonial Blue 249440
Colonial Bronze 245294
Colonial Dark Blue 264918
Colonial Orchid 270128
Colonial Pewter 264087
Crucifix Sample
Dakota 0007
Dartmouth 2063
Easter Rite Bronze
Easter Rite Silver
Eastern Orthodox Bronze
Eastern Orthodox Copper
Eastern Orthodox Silver
Eastern Rite Copper
Embassy Cherry 0502
Empire 28 Blue NGS 254235
Empire 28 Crystal Blue 263357
Empire 28 Hyacinth 263354
Empire 28 Hyacinth NGS 270545
Empire 28 Light Bronze 263356
Empire 28 NGS White, Gold 235465
Empire 28 non gasketed 235791
Empire 28 Silver 263355
Empire 28 Silver NGS 234364
Empire 28 White,Gold 264917
Empire 29 Blue 361
Empire 29 Blue 366PC
Empire 29 Coppertone 360
Empire 29 Coppertone 365PC
Empire 29 Silver 359
Empire 29 Silver 364PC
Empire 29 White, Pink 362
Empire 29 White, White 363
Empire 29 White, White 367PC
Empire 32 Blue 273340
Empire 32 Coppertone 249585
Empire 32 Silver 258935
Empire 32 White 265231
Empire Decals
Empire Decals
Empire Series
Engraving Army
Engraving sample
Engraving sample
Engraving with Crucifix
Essex Ebony 261427
Estate 420889
Father Wreath
Flag at Rest
Fulton Dark Bronze 4002
Gethsemane In God's Care 2024
God's Country
Going Home 240217
Going Home Blue
Going Home Bluffton 273375
Going Home Bluffton 276982B
Going Home Bronze
Going Home Gold
Going Home Light Blue 1033
Going Home Pink
Going Home Silver
Handley Blue 322
Handley Blue 339PC
Handley Coppertone 321
Handley Coppertone 338PC
Handley Decals
Handley Decals
Handley Orchid 323
Handley Orchid 343PC
Handley Silver 320
Handley Silver 337PC
Handley White 324
Handley White, Gold 341PC
Handley White, Pink 340PC
Handley White, Pink 342
Hartfield Poplar 0003
Hartfield Priest 0003P
Heirloom Roses Vinyl Wrapped
Heritage 416580
Heritage 419424
Heritage Military 276982M
Heritage Military Decals
Homestead 414419
Hunter's Dream Vinyl Wrapped
In God's Care 274075
In God's Care Blue
In God's Care Bronze
In God's Care Gold
In God's Care Pink
In God's Care Silver
In Honor 110746
India Star 2057
Infinity & Omega III Decals
Infinity & Omega III Decals
Infinity Poplar 0002
Kutztown Dark blue 710
Last Catch Vinyl Wrapped
Logansport 275113L
Logansport Mother 275113M
Magnolia Dark Poplar 0008
Majestic Blue 1074
Majestic Platinum 1073
Majestic Primrose 1075
Majestic Tigereye 1076
Mansfield 226556
Memorial Poplar 24960-00012
Monarch 274494M
Monarch 274496M
Monarch 274497M
Monarch 274499M
Monarch 274500M
Monarch 275114M
Monarch 275399M
Monarch 275400M
Monarch 275605M
Monarch Colonial Bronze 309
Monarch Tiffany Gold 263340
Montgomery Ash AS016F
Mother with Roses Heart
Mother Wreath
Mother's Rose Pink
Mother's Rose Red
Mother's Rose Yellow
Name & Cross
Name Plate Selection
Newport Blue 265814
Newport Coppertone 265819
Newport Series
Newport Silver 265813
Newport White/Pink 265815
Newport White/White 265816
Oakland OK021F
Ocean Breeze Adult Single
Ocean Vinyl Wrapped
Omega I Blue 102
Omega I Blue 109PC
Omega I Cinnamon Buff 101
Omega I Coppertone 107PC
Omega I Silver 100
Omega I Silver 106PC
Omega I White 103
Omega I White 104
Omega I White, Pink 113PC
Omega I White, White 108PC
Omega II Black Gold 275298
Omega II Blue 317
Omega II Blue 333PC
Omega II Colonial Bronze 316
Omega II Coppertone 332PC
Omega II Orchid 329
Omega II Orchid 336PC
Omega II Silver 315
Omega II Silver 331PC
Omega II White 318
Omega II White 319
Omega II White, Gold 335PC
Omega II White, Pink 334PC
Omega III Blue 302
Omega III Blue 352PC
Omega III Bronze 301
Omega III Bronze 351PC
Omega III Orchid 299
Omega III Orchid 355PC
Omega III Platinum 300
Omega III Silver 350PC
Omega III White 304
Omega III White, God 354PC
Omega III White, Pink 353PC
Omega III White/Pink 303
Onyx 274066
Patriot Vinyl Wrapped
Patterson 422332
Pearl 274067
Pearl Rose 235469
Pembroke Cherry 7900
Petals of Peace Vinyl Wrapped
Pieta Copper 8100
Pieta Coppertone 264630
Pieta Crystal Blue 263346
Pieta Dark Bronze 246234
Pieta Gold 8101
Pieta Hyacinth 263347
Pieta Poplar 0006
Praying Hands Gold
Praying Hands Silver
Primrose 1001
Protestant Antique Gold Cast
Protestant Copper Cast
Protestant Silver Cast
Provincial Gold 3658
Provincial Poplar PP035
Purity White 2065
Ratlin Oak 0023
Regal Quartz 273375
Regal Rose Mother 275068M
Regal Rose Quartz 275068R
Regal Sapphire 273767
Reverence 325
Richmond 707
Rockport Adult Single
Roses Pink
Sacred 326
Sandy Beach Adult Single
Sanibel Sea Shells Vinyl Wrapped
Sapphire 2058
Savoy Rose Stainless 503
Side Rail Sample
Sierra 249049PC
Sierra 4003
Sierra Black 275293
Sierra Blue 251938PC
Sierra Blue 275289
Sierra Coppertone 251939PC
Sierra Coppertone 275288
Sierra Pink 275292
Sierra Priest 4003P
Sierra Siver 275287
Sierra White Gold 275291
Sierra White Pink 275290
Sierra White/Gold 251940PC
Sierra White/Pink 255337PC
Silver Rose 706
Silver Rose Brushed 1003
Sky Blue Adult Single
Sky Blue Infant
Spartan Blue 514
Spartan Bronze 513
Star Quartz 4001
Sterling 264916
Sterling 275571
Sterling 275695
Sterling 508
Sterling 517
Sterling Gold 511
Summer Rose Adult Single
Summit 820056
Sutton Coppertone 221913PC
Sutton Coppertone 226516
Sutton Dark Bronze 234146PC
Sutton Dark Bronze 271107
Sutton Light Blue 221915PC
Sutton Light Blue 226517
Sutton Series
Sutton Silver 221912PC
Sutton Silver 226514
Sutton White, Pink 221916PC
Sutton White, Pink 226518
Sutton White, White 233099
Sutton White, White 233103PC
Tapestry Rose 502
Tigereye 1041
Topaz 274076
Traditional Corpus Bronze
Tremont Blue 232779
Tremont Coppertone 235468
Tremont Orchid 237325
Tremont Silver 232778
Tri-Tone Almond Bronze 345
Tri-Tone Black Silver 344
Tri-Tone Blue 346
Tri-Tone White Gold 348
Tri-Tone White Pink 347
Truman Blue 243796
Truman Coppertone 242302
Truman Silver 251327
US Air Force
US Army
US Marines
US Navy
Warfield Cherry CR022F
White Pearl Adult Single
White Pearl Infant
Whitfield 0009
Wild Rose Adult Single
Wild Rose Infant
Williamsport Coppertone 274494W
Williamsport Decals
Williamsport Decals
Williamsport Dk Blue 274500W
Williamsport Fawn 275605W
Williamsport Lt Blue 274496W
Williamsport Silver 275114W
Williiamsport Gold 274497W
Window, Bible & Hands
Winter Birch
Winter Birch 3657
Winter Pines Adult Single